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Goodbye arrogant google

January 11, 2015

Goodbye arrogant google | worldhotdeals//

My google developer account was disabled due to being unable to update my published apps to conform to their silly rules (they forced me to remove ‘android’ from my app name) using their provided tools, I’ve informed them the flaw of their tools back in September that stopped me from updating the published apps and I got no reply. I recently found their adsense support forum and posted my question on it, and here is their arrogant reply putting the blame all back to me. I feel I must share this ‘master piece’ to show how arrogant the giant Google is becoming and how they disrespect the small developers (maybe unbeneficial to support for their size and fame nowadays) that helped them catching up with the mighty ios in such a short amount of time.

For me it’s goodbye to Google for ever– I’ll continue to use the tools they provide (why not?) but I won’t contribute to their techonology any more… Good luck with the after life without developer’s support Google!


Date: Sat, 27 Dec 2014 05:22:47 -0800
Subject: Re: Google Developer Account disabled‏

Developers who play fast and loose with the policies often find themselves with the short stick. You’ve had your AdSense account disabled and now your Android developer account is disabled. If you had started out by reading and following Google’s policies, you would still have working accounts with those products.

Basically, you have committed suicide. Flagrant violators don’t really need more chances to wreck havoc in the system.
I suggest you waltz over to the iOS side of things. I strongly suggest you read and follow their policies to the letter or you’ll be wasting your time with them. There isn’t much left after iOS and Android.
Good bye and good luck to you.
John Coryat via AdSense Help Forum
> Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2014 08:34:24 -0800
> From: Victor Lee
> To:
> Subject: [Gmail Forum] Google Developer Account disabled
> I received a letter on 23/12/2014 asking me to accept the updated Developer Distribution Agreement (“DDA”) for the Google Play developer account registered to the primary account email address But when I tried to login to my account it seems to be already locked – as I was redirected to a ‘Unable to access a Google product’ page.
> Similar things happened to my developer account earlier this year, I got notification to rename one of my android app ‘Android Geek’ because it has ‘android’ in it but despite countless attempts I couldn’t save my changes in deveoper console – I sent quite a few emails to your customer support but got no reply. And of course the app was taken offline eventually following no actions – impossible to make with your tools.
> Last year you shut down my admod/adsense account without any beforehand reasons/warnings – effectively erased my stable mobile app income all of a sudden.
> Throughout the years of my android developer experience, I feel Google is a technically strong company but with less and less respect to the massive developers that made your platform a huge success – your tools and customer support to developers are really poor below par. I believe a lot of developers lost passion and abandoned android development just for that reason.
> This is my last attempt to raise my account issue to you – more importantly to bring your attention to the poor customer experience to the massive developers.I won’t be surprised if it gets no attention this time and tbh I don’t really care any more…
Subject: RE: [3-1629000004837]
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2014 22:04:11 +0000

To whom this may concern,

I am very disappointed in your reply to my dispute, not because you remain your initial decision to suspend my app, but because you completely ignored the complaint in my original email and reply with a seemingly  copy/paste message – I NEVER NEVER RECEIVED ANY ‘REASON FOR REMOVAL‘ initial notification before you suddenly suspend my mobile apps. So until right now I still have no clues what caused my app to be suspended thus don’t know what to rectify.

I also have received a notification reagarding my other app ‘android geek’ recently asking me to change my app name or package name or unpublish my app (that’s also the reason why I noticed you suspended several of my most popular apps without any previous notifications). But the reality is I couldn’t save my changes of the app name or unpublish it without obvious reasons.

This time last year you did exactly the same thing – you suspended my adsense account without any prior notification or explaining what’s the cause. If this is the way you treat individual app developers like me who contributed and witnessed the whole process of android overtaking apple os since the very beginning then feel free to close my account right now without any valid reasons, I have no passion any more to contribute to the android ecosystem,  I would rather use the energy to unite all grieving developers like me and lauch a law suite against you!


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