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Fix Flash Problems on Ubuntu

May 28, 2013

I had some difficulties playing Flash videos lately. Problems ranged from lagging sound, to ugliness, to idling black screens, to strange gray Play buttons that didn’t do anything. The following solved my Flash issues on Ubuntu.

A very short & simple article this time.

You could take the graphical approach (use Synaptic & visit Adobe site), but I’m using commandline cause copy-pasting is really fast and concise, so here we go:


Open a terminal and type:

sudo echo -n "Cleaning up... "
sudo aptitude purge swfdec-mozilla
sudo aptitude purge adobe-flashplugin
sudo echo "[done]"

Install Adobe Flashplayer 10 on Ubuntu

Open a terminal and type:

sudo echo -n "Downloading... "
cd /tmp
sudo echo "[done]"
sudo echo -n "Installing... "
sudo aptitude install libcurl3
sudo dpkg -i ./install_flash_player_10_linux.deb
sudo echo "[done]"

That’s it

Restart Firefox and go & enjoy some Youtube videos again : )


I used jason_Xtreme’s suggestion and was able to work around the problem.

To clarify:
I went to…manager02.html to use Adobe’s global settings manager. On the flash dialog, I clicked on the Website Privacy Settings tab (the one that looks like a monitor with an eye on it), then clicked on the website that I wanted to allow usage of my hardware (in my case, and clicked always allow.

I agree that this is unnecessarily complicated. I hope this is fixed with future updates.

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